This Gordon Ramsay’s Salted Caramel Popcorn Will Win Your Heart


Mmm…My family gonna love it!

Gordon Ramsay is a true expert when it comes to cooking. He can display his abilities in the matter of seconds, and even if you think that nothing can be added to the traditional dessert that we all love, he still finds a way to put a twist on the regular dish.

The same can be said about the salted caramel popcorn, which turns out to be a true delight if made according to the recipe. Ramsay insists on preparing the popcorn ahead of time. You will soon learn that preparing the popcorn in a pan is the ultimate way to ensure the taste.

This is an alternative to those, who prefer the air popping machines and microwaves, created for making the sweetest of treats. However, caramelizing the dish that you want your friends to try is only the beginning of the process.

The addition of salt is a perfect choice if you are tired of the classic options and seek to explore the alternative ways of cooking once you have spare time on your hands.

Gordon reminds the viewers that they have to remember about buttering the popcorn beforehand. This may seem like an easy deal for those, who are familiar with the recipe, but if we neglect the step, we may as well miss the point of the tutorial.

Yummy recipe of Salted Caramel popcorn from Gordon Ramsey! Caramel is cooked in a pan with the addition of sugar! So yummy!

Caramel is cooked in a pan with the addition of sugar. You will be taken aback when you find out that it should not be stirred at any rate, otherwise it will crystallize and leave you thinking about the simpler approach to the meal.

The dark caramel flavor will be the ultimate headliner of the evening, and if you know that the guests are coming, make sure that you have enough snacks for all. Make sure that the caramel is coating the popcorn completely and prepare to be amazed when you witness the dish.

This is the recipe that is going to be loved by all the viewers across the world, and we are already waiting for the sweeter version of the snack!