Check Out These Fruit Carving Masterpieces!


This is a masterpiece!

Daniele Barresi is a carving designer who knows everything about the art of pastry and cooking. He says that he has been interested in creating food designs since he was a child, and now, he has a chance to make his dream come true as an adult.

Fruit carver may not be the kind of profession that is popular these days, but it definitely stands out among other occupations. Daniele is originally from Italy, but now, the designer is a resident of Sydney, Australia, where he gives in to his fantasy and creates intricate compositions, involving cheeses and fruits. His abilities are not limited to carving alone. He is also famous for arranging the meals in the most delicate way possible.

Growing among the picturesque landscapes of his hometown, Daniele realized that he wants to explore the art of cooking and fuel his imagination with the images that he spotted when he was small. Right now, the young talent is determined to create his own culinary program where he can show the world what he can do on camera. The designs are extraordinary!

Daniele can make a preordered cake on demand and embellish it with the elements that will leave you in awe. This is a masterpiece of cooking art at its best!

If you think that birthday cakes are all the same, you can check out the image below. These roses are truly extraordinary!

Tasty cakes and incredible fruit carving masterpieces! Meet talented carving designer who knows everything about the art of pastry and cooking.

Kiwi flowers are enough to make us fall in love with Daniele’s work, but this is only a part of what he can do on a daily basis.

The combination of white icing on the cake and the flowers that are made of fruits turn the composition into something that can be discussed for hours.

This pie is an excellent idea for a present, and the vivid colors only add to the impression. You have to be a real expert to create this beautiful dish!

Carving fruit is no easy task, but when Daniele is at work, you can sleep safe, knowing that the meals are going to be off the charts.

The abundance of fruit makes the sweet treat so tempting that we can’t get enough of the photo!

This is one of the best gifts one can get for their birthday, and we are already waiting for the young man to have his own show!