7 Healthy Cooking Hacks You’ve Gotta Try


Delicious tips!

Skimping on the taste of the dishes may not go well for those, who are ready to feel the real taste of the meal. However, there are certain tips that may help you out if you want to cut on heavy cream and prepare a dish that would lighten up the entire eating plan. The author of the renowned cookbook, Gina Homolka, says that she found a way to unburden the meals that we are accustomed to.

As a blogger, she was frequently asked to provide the viewers with the recipes that would come in handy in case of a cooking emergency, that’s why she decided to put them all in one book. You will have a chance to witness the compilation that might shed some light on the art of creative cooking.

Gina guarantees that you will instantly feel the difference between the traditional preparation process and the alternative one she has provided us with. Do not hesitate to check out the tips!

1. This is one of the most brilliant tips that will help you swap out butter while cooking. Now, you can bake without any fears!

2. Using the special kind of buttermilk instead of the heavy cream is an ultimate solution that you will love!

3. You don’t need to drizzle the veggies with oil anymore. Now, you can use coconut oil for that. Add the salt for a better flavor and wait until they are roasted!

Check out healthy cooking hacks for every day!  Get ready to feel the real taste of the meal. 4. Making a burger that is not too heavy on your stomach may be a challenge, but with the zucchini as the main ingredient, it becomes easy!

5. This recipe is going to make you swoon. Your guests won’t even notice that you swapped the traditional flour with the alternative one. The pancakes that you will be making from now on should be mentioned in the news!

6. If you are not a fan of avocados, you can still reach that sweetness with the help of applesauce. It is generally used for baked goods such as muffins and donuts, and you won’t even feel the difference!

7. Those of you, who simply love salads, will agree that mayo is not always the best choice, especially if you crave the lighter version for summer. In this case, the Greek yogurt comes to rescue. It is thick and creamy, but it will also make you feel full in the matter of seconds!