10 Food Comparisons That Destroy Dieting Myths! Wow, Surprising!


I never expected this. Thanks for information!

We can all agree that nutrition is a tricky theme that requires us to be educated on every topic that is related to food. According to the experts, we are constantly bombarded with the abundance of info that may not reflect the real picture of the world. There are certain tips that can help you debunk the myths that surround eating and healthy foods, consumed in a day.

Recent studies suggest that people may actually eat the food that they are craving during the day without restricting themselves and making a cult out of the healthy products.Of course, you still have to balance out proteins and vitamins, but in general, you can allow a little guilty pleasure here and there.

To avoid the misinformation that is spread by the media, the users need to tackle the nutritional issues with caution. Some of the examples you are going to see next prove that the mirage of healthy eating continues to affect our judgment. There are food experts, who believe that you do not have to follow other people’s recommendations if you don’t feel like doing it!

1. The problem is not in the type of food that we have daily. The industry may be tricking us into thinking that buying something costly is always more reliable!

2. Sugar and carbs are not the ones to blame. Instead, you need to think about the surplus of calories that are consumed, regardless of the kind of meals that are ordered.

3. Many people out there are unintentionally perpetuating false stereotypes about healthy beverages, and this is not something that is beneficial for our health.

4. Vitamin water may not be as harmless as we are used to thinking. Instead, the experts recommend replacing it with a regular drink and a bowl of fruit to make you feel energized!

Tips and beauty hacks! Mind-blowing facts! 10 surprising food comparisons that destroy dieting myths!

5. Chips may not sound like a part of the healthy eating regime, but you will be surprised when you find out that you can buy snacks if you crave them at least once a week.

6. If we start talking from the point of nutritional value, processed foods are not good, especially if you can replace them with freshly made fruit salad. What a delicious meal!

7. Wine is not as bad as it is portrayed, and it can actually be a part of the healthy regime!

8. Every time you are eating out, you are attacked by a plethora of myths of what is right!

9. You should be careful with cereals that are labeled as the ones with the slimming effect. Opt for the regular ones instead!

10. You may force yourself to follow the rules, but it won’t be effective unless the regime is consistent!