This teeny rescue kitten loves to go camping with his new big brother!


Otie and Artie are great together, just like all brothers should be.

Even the most obedient cat can suddenly become overly excited, and even completely uncontrollable, frightened of unfamiliar surroundings, smells or sounds. Therefore, never try to overcome even insignificant distances with a cat on your hands: suddenly, giving in to panic, it can break out of your embrace – only you have seen it. The same happens with the transportation of cats in cars, if the owners did not take care to limit the freedom of movement of their pets: the cat jumps out through an open door or window.

That is why a reliable container for the transport of a cat must become a necessary part of travel. Ideal is easy to carry, well-washed and ventilated and, most importantly, reliable. On this page on the right you see such a vehicle.

If you have a long journey, it’s better to put a cat in a container a few hours before him to be sure that it will not disappear by the time you leave. The case when a girl travels with a cat, it is difficult to remember. Many people think that women have nothing to do with traveling, and for cats, this is one torture.

However, this story refutes stereotypes. Apparently, soon felt lonely and lost among the vents and other spaces, she decided to take with her a small helper.

They are a kitten Artie. Artie quickly got used to living in a confined space amidst boundless water spaces and even found in it many interesting things.

That on land, that in the ocean, the cat remains a cat and will never miss the opportunity to hunt. She is not at all afraid of water and bravely travels with her mistress along the rivers and lakes on a small canoe.

However, much more she likes to walk on flower meadows and forest edges, dotted with mushrooms. She loves climbing trees. No one walk through the forest does not pass without it climbing somewhere on the mountain top.

They two can be called the best friends forever, they like to spend time with each other and this brings them happiness. This is so exciting to see them together. Share to show this friendship to your friends.