She Came Onstage With A Jump Rope. Watch!


How is that possible, it`s magic!

Adrienn Banhegyi is often referred to as one of the most popular jump ropers on the modern stage. She is a world champion with class that the audience finds hard to imagine. Adrienn told the reporters that she has been practicing since childhood, and she can’t stop training, because she thinks that she needs daily improvements to confirm her status.

Once you see this wonderful lady on the screen, you will agree that there is no one like her.  The impressive performance was recorded when Adrienn decided to show some of her most impressive tricks with the skipping rope.

She warns the audience that they should not try to do it on their own, since the tricks are too risky and she has been working hard to achieve that speed of the jumps. They will definitely take your breath away.

The judges need to give this lady the first place whenever she appears on any kind of contest, because she is truly the star of the screen. Adrienn doesn’t mind becoming the center of attention when she first walks out on stage and the energetic music starts playing.

She knows that she is drawing the attention of the whole crowd, and you can see that they are giving her a standing ovation at the end of the performance. You will be in awe when you witness the lady below.

She is definitely one of a kind, and she makes you think that you can achieve anything if you try hard enough. You won’t be able to forget the effect this routine makes on the viewers. They are simply in awe, because they can’t believe that such abilities are for real.

Recently, it has become known that Adrienn was chosen to perform for Cirque du Soleil as well. She is the best kind of artist that you can wish for.

The lady combines endless energy with the professionalism of a real expert, and though her genre is one of the most unusual ones out there, she has already won various titles and awards at the international championships. The girl is truly one of a kind, and you need to watch her below to understand the level of talent that is displayed on the screen!