10 Easy Crochet Poncho Patterns You Should Try


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It is said that ponchos are one of the most underrated garments you can find in your wardrobe. Yet, they are easy to make and do not require you to be a fashion expert to wear them. They have earned a reputation of the garment for the elderly ladies, but in reality, they can be rather modern.

If you choose the kind of design that suits you best, you are guaranteed to be surprised by the outcome. Ponchos may come in many shapes and forms, and what is more important, you can pick a style that fits you like a glove.

The following compilation will help you out. Do not hesitate to experiment with the patters if you know that winter is coming. You may not be aware of this, but with the help of the stylish poncho that is always on point, you can easily make a fashion statement and warm up for the future cold season. See the compilation now!

1. Square poncho. Though often called so for its granny design, there is nothing outdated about the style. You can choose the colors if you are set on creating a masterpiece.

2. This may be a no-brainer for those, who are keen on sewing, but in reality, the plaid poncho is a classic trend that you can never get tired of.

3. The dragonfly poncho will be loved by kids and adults alike. Don’t hesitate to learn more about the design!

4. If you decide that it is time to start with the basics, the poncho that has two tones will be the ultimate choice. Minimalism is in trend!

5. The four square poncho can be referred to as a variation of the one, mentioned above. it will take you a few weeks to learn all the secrets of creating it from scratch.

Women's fashion. Good tips and style! 10 easy crochet poncho you will love!  have earned a reputation of the garment for the elderly ladies, but in reality, they can be rather modern. Be perfect with these beautiful things!

6. This poncho is going to become your favorite the second you discover the idea. This is a hilarious take on the classic child’s clothes, and it is too funny for words!

7. Those of you, who have watched Harry Potter series, will recognize this as a poncho that belonged to Molly Weasley. What a colorful design!

8. The crochet poncho is rightfully named one of the most popular designs that you can find. It is truly adorable!

9. If you want to have a clothing piece that is literally timeless, opt for this poncho, made in boho style.

10. The country vibes are here, which means that you have to take a look at this deigns. It makes an impression in an instant!